Deadbolts (also referred to as deadlocks) are a cheap effective option for upgrading your existing security and complying with your insurance policy.

Often homes will have only one lock on the front door with a button or turn snib on the inside that you lock then close the door behind you on your way out. These are fine for stopping people just walking into your house uninvited but when it comes to defending against a break-in it is a good idea to install an additional lock above the existing one that can be locked with a key from the inside as well when desired.

By locking with a key from the inside it means that a burglar can’t just break a small window and reach trough to unlock your lock from in the inside because it is a “deadlock”.

For more information on deadlocks and the recent changes to residential tenancy laws please take a look at the following article, New rental property laws & deadlocks – The truth.

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Deadbolts — 2 Comments

  1. Hi i am looking for extra security for my apartment door. What is recommended and how much does it cost? How long will it take to install?

    Im looking at either to add a deadbolt, change the existing lock (a new inner mechanism) or something else?

    Pls advise.

    • Hi Shi 🙂

      It all depends on your current setup but to give you a bit of an idea, a double cylinder commercial grade deadbolt supplied and installed with two keys will set you back between $198 and $242 depending on installation time.
      Please feel free to call any time to discuss your situation in further detail.