Gainsborough Trilocks are by far one of the most common deadlocks used in Perth homes today. Locksmiths don’t usually fresh fit these these as they are not the highest security option for a front entry door but builders and home owners really like the style and functionality of the Gainsborough Trilock.

Once installed you are fairly limited with replacement options for a Gainsborough Trilock, even the new style (which you can see in the first image below) won’t directly swap places with the old style (which you can see in the second image below).

The Gainsborough Trilock is not a bad lock per se, it just has a few flaws. People can find themselves locked out very easily by forgetting to turn the inside handle to release the locking button after unlocking the door with their key. For security reasons when leaving your home we strongly recommend locking your Trilock with the key rather than just pushing the button and pulling the door shut behind you.

Gainsborough locks aren’t all bad, if they’re installed correctly, treated well and serviced regularly they can last for many years.

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Gainsborough Trilock New StyleGainsborough Trilock Old Style


Gainsborough Trilock — 2 Comments

  1. Hi,
    I have a new build home that has all locks keyed the same. The front door lock is a Gainsborough Tri lock Align sc but it is playing up.
    The builder and other gave layer with it in the past but with no joy. I would like to put in a complete new lock like for like in its place. Can you calibrate a replacement lock with a key from the original lock?

    • Hi Gavin 🙂
      Sure thing mate, we can supply a new Trilock and re-key it so suit the existing lock’s key.
      Feel free to give us a call when you’re ready to tee up a time.