Glass sliding door locks come in many makes, models, shapes & sizes. Most common brands like Lockwood, Whitco, Austral & Doric are often interchangeable allowing us to rekey between brands with the same key profile so you can have all your locks on one key. Another great thing about this is it allows you to select the style, quality and level of security best suited to you.

Jason glass sliding door locks are designed so they can only to be replaced with the exact same lock that failed, this wouldn’t be a problem if there weren’t such a long list of common faults that come with these locks as well as the fact that they are rarely able to be repaired. Fortunately replacement locks of this kind are now available at a more affordable price and once the new lock is installed our experienced locksmith can give you tips on how to dramatically prolong your new lock’s lifespan by taking correct care when using it.

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Glass Sliding Door Locks — 6 Comments

  1. Hi I have been told about this problem, been in the window industry for many years in UK and looking for opportunities in Mandurah area. Would you be interested in supplying to me if I fitted? If so how much and what is the going rate for supply and install? Regards Simon

    • Hi Simon

      Thank you for your interest, however Access Lock Service is a Perth based 24 hour mobile locksmith service and not a locksmith trade supplier.
      For information on stock pricing we recommend contacting your local trade supplier.

  2. I have 3 10 year old Jason sliding doors that have broken locks. The latch that opens the door is snapped. We are in Jandakot. Cheers.

    • Hi Todd
      This is a common problem as the original design is flawed.
      Fortunately it is a cheap fix that doesn’t take long.
      Feel free to call and book a job.