Letterbox locks in Perth are probably one of the most called about locksmith queries. Letterbox keys are often the last thing you have on your mind when moving into a new home or office and you only really notice you don’t have a key when you really need one.

Fortunately at Access Lock Service we can make new keys for your letterbox lock most of the time by cutting a new key to the existing code or making a replacement key to a new code. When we can’t make a key to your letterbox lock due to damage or because it is an odd no name brand lock it can be replaced with an affordable Australian recognised branded letterbox lock which comes with 2 new keys.

If you need a locksmith to make keys to your letterbox then call Access Lock Service to talk through affordable letterbox lock options today on 0410 387 195

Letterbox Locks


Letterbox Locks — 2 Comments

  1. Hi I’ve just moved into a place where the letterbox is missing the key. It is an austral letterbox with a key code of 022 can a new key be made?

    Or does the lock have to be replaced?

    Can you please provide me a quote for a suitable solution.

    Kind regards

    Dan Brownsdon

    • Hi Dan 🙂

      Some letterbox lock models have good records and can have keys cut to code.
      Others you have to dismantle the lock to make a new key or simply replace the lock altogether.
      Common replacement letterbox locks are quite cheap anyway (around the $20 mark).

      Feel free to call 0410 387 195 to discuss further or to MMS some pics of your lock through.
      You can also email your pics to info@accesslockservce.com.au if you’d prefer.

      Thanks Dan.