Regular padlocks are great for keeping nosey people and opportunistic thieves out of your property or belongings but for those that actively choose to break into your property a standard padlock doesn’t quite cut it so to speak, in fact a cheap pair of cheap Bunnings bolt cutters will often get through most everyday padlocks in seconds. Don’t think however that standard brass padlocks are altogether useless, there are a great many differences in padlock makes, models and quality. Each comes with it’s own intended uses and price.

Standard Padlock

High security padlocks are a must have when it comes to properly securing your gated premises, roller door anchor, sea container, tool box, motorbike or even skip bin. The hardened steel body and closed shackle of the Abus padlock seen below offers additional security and is designed to make an attack on the padlock shackle extremely difficult.

High Security Padlocks

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