Window locks are a must have when it comes to complying to current insurance policies. Although having locks fitted to your windows does not prevent thieves from simply breaking the glass to enter, they do act as a good visible deterrent. Most thieves are simply opportunists and will pass on a window they have to break compared to one they could silently slide or pry open.

During the 1990’s it became common knowledge that insurance companies suddenly required window locks fitted to all new and existing homes. Suddenly Perth locksmiths were very busy bringing people’s homes up to date with the new changes to insurance policies. Today this often means that if you have an older house which still doesn’t have locks fitted to all the windows either they were simply forgotten or more likely the style of window proved too difficult to for the tradesman at the time to retro fit to so they were overlooked and over time forgotten about.

Fortunately today there are many different styles of window lock available in addition to the commonly vent lock style as you can see in the form of a Lockwood window lock below. Call Access Lock Service for a chat or send us some photos of your windows, we’re be glad to help.

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