We can make keys to suit existing locks as well as cut copies of keys on the spot.

This includes keys for normal house locks as well as letterbox locks and metal filing cabinet locks and pretty much all serviceable locks.

Most of the time if you’ve misplaced or never had a key to a lock it is wise to rekey the lock so that the old key no longer works in case somebody has a copy that shouldn’t. But sometimes it’s just easier to make a new key to that old reticulation sprinkler box lock around the side of the house or just to make another key to the letterbox or cupboard.

Most of these small cabinet locks are cheap and can be retro fit with a new lock if necessary but it is often cheaper still to just cut a new key and get on with it.

Whatever your preference feel free to give Access Lock Service a call and talk though your options and our clear affordable pricing today on 0410 387 195

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