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Locked out or need a door unlocked? It only takes a moment of distraction and SLAM you find yourself checking your pockets for keys only to come to the realisation you have locked yourself out, stranded only feet away from your keys which are nice and safe on the other side of your door.

Luckily for you Access Lock Service provides quality 24 hour emergency locksmith service to all of Perth WA.

Thanks to over a decade of industry experience we can unlock your door and have you back inside in no time.

Please take a moment to view our 24 hour locksmith Pricing Schedule before calling to help you choose when is best suited to you. Choosing to book a locksmith to unlock your car, home or office between 9am and 5pm for $135.00 may be preferable to booking one after 5pm for $175.00 when you have the option.

Call Access Lock Service to talk about affordable unlock / gain entry options today on 0410 387 195