New rental property laws & deadlocks – The truth.

New rental property laws & deadlocks – The truth.

Do I need a locksmith to fit new deadbolts to my rental property? What is a deadlock? Do my current locks comply?

Since changes to residential tenancy laws were passed these are all commonly asked questions by customers that are worried about what they have to do now there are new rental laws. Thankfully the new laws aren’t drastically different to the old ones, they are just a little better defined.
However the laws can still be fairly confusing as you can see here from this quote by the Department of Commerce.

“The deadlock can be either a single cylinder or double cylinder
deadlock. A single cylinder deadlock can be opened from the inside
simply by turning the handle or a knob, reducing the risk of a person
being unable to exit the house quickly in case of an emergency.”


Now the reason people still find this quote confusing is because in our minds the whole point of a deadlock is to prevent someone from exiting an area such as your apartment or rental property without the use of a key.

Deadlocks like anything in life have their pros and cons, sure they can stop someone breaking in through your window then just letting themselves out the front door but on the other hand what if you yourself needed to get out in a hurry due to as mentioned earlier a fire or some other emergency?

For answers on these and more frequently asked residential tenancy law questions please click the following link Department of Commerce.

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